Xemex and Liquix, two sister companies within the JHB Group, have developed an end-to-end prepaid solution that:

  • Lower the cost of top-ups
  • Create ease of use for prepaid proposition
  • Change prepaid from a burden to a value proposition
  • Decrease fraud
  • Increases loyalty

Our proposition:

  • An industry leading managed service that enable quick, easy and secure electronic transactions through a broad choice of channels, payment methods and convenient features
  • Prepaid and Payment infrastructure and full suite of feature functionality in a fraction of the time it would take to build an in-house solution
  • Client branded prepaid & payment solutions that allow operators to increase revenue
  • Use proprietary fraud methodology modelled on millions of electronic payments
  • Deliver full compliance with data security standards as mandated by the various payment card networks
  • Insight that assist providers to better understand their business through analysis of the order information, behaviours and trends

How to upload your balance?

  • We support not only Web, but also channels such as but not limited to POS, IVR and mobile devices
  • In order to increase the convenience we fully support Automatic reloads in the following formats:
    • Periodic – a specific day of the week and or month
    • Automatic – based upon a minimum threshold
    • Seamless integration with smart devices such as Smart Phones and Tablets
    • Real Time adding to the prepaid balance
    • Highly secured solutions
    • Propriety fraud modules based on best practices