PV PowerShare


Participating in a collective solar panels project?
PV generated energy shared over different houses or apartments?
PowerShare provides a reliable and economically beneficial solution!

PowerShare is the latest product in the range of PV monitoring solutions that Cast4All and Xemex have developed for the PV market.

PowerShare consists of:

  • A MID certified meter,
  • Including breaker functionality,
  • To be installed into every house or apartment;
  • a Xemex GPRS communication module offering an independent, private and secured network to read meter data remotely.
  • A web based application (portal or API) capable of adjusting the required parameters to guarantee the ideal and or contractual agreed distribution of the generated PV energy. This distribution runs automatically, but its settings may be adjusted by authorized staff only.
  • A continuous performance measure of the PV installation by our own Clear Sky Performance Index (CSPI) and adjustable alarm settings.

Advantages of the PowerShare:

  • cost-optimisation of collective solar panels installations installed on apartments and houses
  • admission and readout of PV data remotely
  • private GPRS network to avoid local connectivity issues (e.g. in case of use of WiFi).
  • Continuous performance measure provides a maximal ROI

Interested? Don’t hesitate to contact Xemex (sales@xemex.eu) or Cast4All (info@cast4all.com).