Xemex offers range of data concentrator products

In a typical residential Smart Metering environment, gas-, heat- and / or water meter readings can be achieved over distance by linking these meters to a nearby electricity meter, the latter of which is then connected to the head-end via an appropriate WAN connection. However, very often the electricity meter is out of reach of the gas-, heat- and / or water meters, or there is no electricity meter at all. For these situations these meters need a direct WAN connection to the head-end. Also in an industrial environment there is more and more need to read-out meter readings over distance. Therefore the market is looking to an industrial data concentrator to which multiple meters can be connected via wire or wireless. The data concentrator stores this data and communicates it periodically via the WAN connection to the head-end, guaranteeing industry security standards. To answer to these needs in the market, Xemex has developed two types of data concentrators. One covering the needs of the residential metering market, the second one offering a solution for an industrial environment.ReMi-foto

For the residential metering market, SoloSlim was developed, which comply to the less stringent requirements of the residential environment. Xemex’ SoloSlim Solution aims to offer an economically solution, by limiting its functionality and technology to the features required in a residential environment.

For the industrial metering market, Xemex has developed ReMI, in which features such as the number and type of different communication channels, physical robustness, waterproofness and battery-backup are of high importance.

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