Xemex supplies smart meter technology for large scale roll-out in the Netherlands

Schoten (Belgium) – Xemex, the developer and supplier of smart communication-modules for energy meters, has signed a 5-year agreement with her partners for the delivery of a communication module for 4 out of the 5 grid operators within the Netherlands. This secures the continuation of Xemex’ delivery within the Dutch market in which Xemex has delivered essential functionality for over one million Smart Meters. With this agreement in place, Xemex, part of the JHB Group will become embedded in the majority of Dutch households in the future.

The large scale roll-out of Smart Meters in the Netherlands will start in the beginning of 2016. With this delivery, the Netherlands will become one of the first countries that fulfills the European Union guidelines of having smart meters in its households by 2020. In addition to being able to measure energy usage, the Smart Meters are able to remotely measure the amount of energy that is distributed back towards the grid. For example in the case where solar panels produce more energy than the household consumes itself.

Xemex has been operating independently for a number of years, supplying communication modules for energy meters to a wide range of manufacturers. By using such a communication module the energy meter has enabled two way communication between the systems of the grid operators and the energy suppliers.

On the one hand Xemex is focused on electricity, gas, heat and water meters and on the other side on prepaid energy for both consumer and industrial markets. Xemex’ expertise lies with the diversity of communication technologies like CDMA, 2G, 3G, 4G (LTE), Ethernet and long range radio. This puts Xemex in the unique position to use the existing technology and communication modules and adjust them to the local standard as they exist around the world for both technology requirements and legislation. Xemex delivers both complete communication modules as well as design and technology in a licensing model.

In addition to the Netherlands, Xemex is active in many countries in and outisde of Europe. These include Belgium, Ireland, the United Kingdom, Austria, Denmark, Sweden, Eastern Europe, the Middle East and Australia.

Xemex is part of the JHB Group, which has its Head Quarters in Schijndel in the Netherlands.